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Whatever your objectives, we'll create a design strategy to help you meet your goals. Whatever your budget, we can help you improve. Wherever you're going, we make sure you're moving forward.

The visual identity we create will provide a consistent look and feel through-out all your print and digital marketing material.

If you are a new business, please let us guide you through the initial process. We offer the following starter pack:

Business Starter Package

Logo design

> Your logo is a vital element of your company's commercial brand, and is at the heart of your corporate image. As the very first impression people get of your company, the logo provides immediate recognition, is original (and eligible for trademarking), while having cachet and longevity

 Corporate Style Guide

> A set of guidelines to ᅠthe design of documents to provide uniformity in style over time. We will provide a "house style" unique to your business for your letterhead, presentations, email signatures and print and digital media

 Web page

> Customers expect to find you on the internet, wanting to know who you are and what you offer. A compelling digital presence is essential for a business, and is especially important for one dealing in technology

 Business cards

> Despite living in a digital world, these small, but effective, tools are a highly personalised form of direct marketing, creating a great first impression and helping to build your brand

 Corporate brochure

> In the same way that your business card introduces you as an individual, your company brochure introduces your products and services. The brochure will contain details about your offering that your customer can take home and read at their leisure

 Contact us to discuss your needs on +44 20 8144 8694 or by email

Our starter package will help you set off in the right direction, but as your company becomes more established, you will need to use other media to communicate your ideas in different situations. You can extend your brand and identity using our fully integrated marketing strategy, which includes the following:

Corporate stationery

We can apply your logo to all stationery you use, to help create a lasting first impression. We can produce professional letterheads and compliment slips, as well as stunning corporate folder designs, folder inserts, invoices, purchase orders, labels, envelopes and desk pads.



An effective regular newsletter is an excellent opportunity for you to engage with all stakeholders by presenting past and upcoming activities in a manner which is both informative and captivating.


Annual reports

These documents are intended for stakeholders concerned in the performance of a company and must contain a lot of detail whilst still engaging the reader. Consequently the design of an annual report becomes very important to both accurately display the governance and strategies of your business.


Financial reports

These documents are often a legal requirement but have the power to present your company in a positive manner even if the content isn't such good news. They can project your aims and ambitions and project the image of the company you want to be. The statistical information can be presented in an interesting and graphical manner.

Digital Marketing

In order to fully engage with you clients and prospects you may require an extended digital marketing strategy which includes full scale website design and development, search engine optimisation (SEO), hosting, social media management, training and staff support. We can help your business make a real digital presence.


Sales brochures

A sales brochure provides focus on a single product and the relevant options available. It 'shows and tells' your prospective customer why they need it and the benefits they will have in purchasing your product rather than that of the competition. It should leave your prospect with a lasting positive impression of your product and a desire to know more about it. It must sell the product and the importance of your brand to your prospective customers.


Product and service directories

These brochures should contain the reference material your customer needs to know when making a purchasing decision. It should be a comprehensive technical manual detailing your main product or service specifications and include any diagrams, photos, that help your prospect to choose the right product or service and make them more likely to use your directory as a result.


Packaging Material

Packaging is your face in front of the customer - just before they make their purchasing decision. Good packaging will attract your customers using clear communication.



Exhibit design

A well-designed exhibit at a trade show conference will be effective at getting your message to your target audience. We can help you create trade show booths and panels, marquee banners and pop-up stands, merchandise and give-aways.


Greeting cards, Christmas cards and Post cards

Timely greetings cards will build customer loyalty and remind them that they are important to you. And even if your customers skim their letters, it's hard for them to avoid reading a postcard!



If you've gone to the effort of creating smart science results, we want to make sure that your information is communicated to your peers in a visually pleasing manner. After all, a poster is an advertisement of your hard work!


Direct mail

We can create tailored messages your large numbers of your customers in a specific market segment. Our database contains the contact details of over ten thousand science-based organisations in the UK. If you're trying to set up a conference, symposium or seminar and want a serious industry presence, we can make sure that key players know about your event.

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